Wednesday, May 21, 2008

White thought entering the mind

Painting found a Home in Szatmar,Ro.

Style: Abstract contemporary pastel painting
Size: 50 x 32 cms
Medium: Oil Pastel
Support: Pastel paper


DSL said...

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Even though focusing on the contemporary production of a specific culture, the collection is nevertheless not guided by the search for otherness. It admits basic cultural similarities and dispositions, however, goes beyond a simplistic approach looking for typical cultural signs and symbols.
The collection is limited to a specific number of art works - about 120 pieces - that as an entity is open to constant redefinition itself. Openness, movement and communication are basic qualities we want to promote.
The DSL website is as attempt to create an open space for public actions, a journey for unknown encounters. As we witness an acceleration of exhibitions activities across the globe, the scale of a show is becoming less relevant than finding new ways to engage a new audience.
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GiovannaCoraggio said...

Hi, I found your blog through artists blog. I really like your work. I'm going to place your link on my page..if you'd rather me not, email me and I'll take it off.

and come check out/ comment my art!

zsooo said...

ez tetszik, bar nekem egybol egy sivatagi naplemente ugrott be rola ...

Bea said...

Furcsa, elképzelésem sem volt róla, hogy ilyen tehetséges vagy, pedig osztálytársak voltunk... De azért nagyon örülök neki és a munkáidhoz pedig gratulálok!

Architectse said...
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